Your personal information will be used for processing the transaction, providing customer support, and as described in プライバシーポリシー.

Using Gigable Japan website and its associated services, you are deemed to have agreed to this terms as well as privacy policy.

Gigable Japan prohibits illegal activities and/or violation of public order and morality at its website. Gigable Japan has the rights to delete and/or block any accounts which Gigable Japan deems inappropriate.

Gigable Japan has the rights to edit and/or delete any campaign, comments, media, contents created, uploaded or linked by its users without any advanced and subsequent notice.

Gigable Japan has the rights to edit the campaign at anytime as necessary without any advanced and subsequent notice.

Gigable Japan would forward the donation to campaign creators’ stripe accounts within 7 to 14 days once the donation is made, after it deducted 10% fee to cover the costs required to run its website and service. If the campaign creator does not set up his account with a valid stripe account, or if the stripe account information is wrong, the donation might not be transferred to the campaign creator at all.

When a donation is made, there is a transaction fee deducted by Stripe, our credit card processor which is around 4% but can vary slightly depending upon the amount of a donation. The campaign creator will receive the money after this transaction fee deduction and 10% fee mentioned above.

Gigable Japan will not be responsible for any issues or damages caused by the campaigns, comments, media, links, etc… created or uploaded by its users.

Gigable Japan tries and will try to keep its website and services running with the maximum efforts possible; however, Gigable Japan has rights to terminate its website and services without advanced and subsequent notices when it deems impossible to retain them.

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